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Romance With Death

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The author’s literary journey began at age thirteen. Marquardt Press, a small Ottawa publisher, published his first collection in 1967. Albert M. Jabara is not an ordinary author by any means. He developed a fresh style and brought to the literary world virgin metaphors. Please refer to critics reviews.

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A thirteen-old boy becomes obsessed with the Hereafter; develops a romance with death. Mom, two young siblings and he immigrated to Canada. The boy took a job three days after they settled in a west-end apartment. Fifteen clips take you on a journey; you don’t know if you are watching a screen or reading off a page; ten kismets combination of prose and verse tell a story of how a boy became a man; sacrificed schools to support a small family but continued a personal romance with death.

Son and father play the third voice, death the abstract guest and the romantic half in the story. The son follows the father with a stencil. The novel started half a century ago in a small Lebanese village, folded the last page in Ottawa after sixty-eight years. The story could fool your eyes as each page resembles a small movie screen. Real life and fiction in this style of writing vary by a hair.

Author: Albert M. Jabara

At age sixteen he wrote his first poetry collection and had it published by a local publisher in 1967. Today he has fifteen literary and poetic collections, hundreds of political and humanitarian articles in his unique theses style.

He worked for nearly six decades nonstop. He retired in 2014 from the havoc life of jobs and businesses he founded and operated. His pen today occupies his time.

The free download will take you on a journey, unlike other reads you have experienced.