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Albert M. Jabara

Albert M. Jabara


Abdul Latif Mohammed Jabara, also known by his Pen Name, Albert M Jabara born August 17, 1947, in a Lebanese village of Eastern Bokka, Lebanon. The village sits in the bosom of a mountain between Mount Haramoon to the east and Mount Lebanon to the west. The small village kisses the sunrise and farewells the sunset.


Ironically, his dad had built a beauty of a small home right in the center of the village; front windows located east and back ones to the west. The paradise village challenges one mountain to the east and teases another to the west.


His roots date back to Bani Ghassan a Yemenite tribe of 4000 BC. He arrived in Canada at age thirteen with a small family; worked in various immigrant jobs immediately to provide food and shelter for two siblings and a mom.

Self-educated through life, a harsh school but good; it gave him a unique insight into all things a traditional education can never teach; turned him into a full-fledged man yet he was only a boy.


At age sixteen he wrote his first poetry collection and had it published by a local publisher in 1967. Today he has fifteen literary and poetic collections, hundreds of political and humanitarian articles in his unique theses style.


He worked for nearly six decades nonstop. He retired in 2014 from the havoc life of jobs and businesses he founded and operated. His pen today occupies his time.


With no previous education, he designed a digital management and accounting system for small and midsize businesses. He researched and wrote an important study on fibre optics at the time the military allowed the hi-tech industry to further research and develop the tabooed technology. The Canadian National Research Directorate quickly included the study in their archives.

He has worked as a bank manager and chief trader in the global currency markets.  He founded several companies in stationery supply, design and space planning. The family businesses catered to governments and the private sectors for three decades.


The poet retired forcibly due to work addiction which caused him a health issue. Poetry addiction took over. What will this old poet do next?

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