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Romance With Death Paperback

In my last two books, Prophecy On Ice, and Love Moments Don’t Rust with Age I played the poet and the narrator. In this book, son and father are the third persons. Death is the abstract guest and the romantic half in the story. The father stands on the borderline between life and death. On life‟s side he moves freely; on death‟s side, he imagines a crystal wall thinner than onion skin, but stronger than a thousand mountains anchored together. He doesn’t barricade himself to stop death. He doesn’t like to fall without a struggle. For death, dying ends the novel that started half a century ago. For the father, dying begins a new life in a new world. Father‟s interest in the other life has been his wish since first grade. He envisioned a wall between here and there. Only Holy Hands maneuver this wall. His wish to move beyond this wall started with dreams he experienced between waking and sleeping. The romantic poems between him and death in chapter two show pictures of one world we know, and another unknown. At age seven he wrote his first poem; at age thirteen he wrote his first collection. He was aware that poetry was not the path to the Other World. Poetry, another form of prayer, connects him to his soul. The first time in the history of literature a ghostwriter writes the story of another person, and that person happens to be the ghostwriter himself. The skills of merging characters on paper helped achieve this painful and challenging task. For a writer, there is a thin barrier between the visible and the invisible. If this were not the case, marriage between the word and the page would not have existed. We haven‟t discovered all the secrets of the word and the page. The attempt in this book is to bring the characters to a level where you can hear them talk; feel their emotions and reciprocate with their feelings.