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Prophecy On Ice

Prophecy on Ice

Testament of a Survivor by Albert M. Jabara

In a world where many blame their wars on creed rather than greed, Albert Jabara offers light in his latest book; “Prophecy on Ice,” 300 pages published 2012, by Mirath Publishing Inc., 373 Coventry Rd., Ottawa.

Albert Jabara is a scholar who, since the age of 13, has dedicated all the time he could spare to his search for the truth. Now 65, states, that he offered his life as collateral if he should die before his mission is accomplished. Mr. Jabara is a poet-philosopher, author of seven books and a translation, and a freelance journalist. After working as a banker for twelve years, Jabara built three family businesses, managing a large staff of employees, and has raised a family of four.

Through it, all, this successful Canadian entrepreneur of Lebanese parents has been ardently “searching for the truth since the time I was a child.” “Everywhere I looked,” he says, “every time I picked my brain or picked other brains, every history file I flipped, every internet I surfed, I always ended up with incorrect information or no information at all, until October 2010, when an unfortunate incident fell on me without notice or previous health history warning.”

“My heart decided there was no more fuel to accelerate it further. Stranded on a barrier line (Barzakh like) that separates life from death, I was rushed to the Heart Institute in Ottawa. Submitting my whole self to Allah, I asked only for a short extension of life, to finish Prophecy on Ice, my latest book. I can’t divulge more on this very personal experience, fearing my memory may not be 100% accurate. I want to save myself from committing the smallest sin. But following the successful heart procedure, I made a decision to read the Holy Qu’ran continuously until my time on earth expires.”

Jabara explains how this decision has affected his life: “First, fascination began with how the Holy Qu’ran was revealed: beautiful verses arranged perfectly; each word was chosen for both meaning and sound; each line a lesson in wisdom; each chapter (surah) relating an era of a human species, blended with human stories. As I read these stories, I mentally and spiritually relived times and experienced events of these eras. Was there ever a book written from the time of our father and first prophet Adam, pbuh, to this day, that could connect your soul with your heart, and connect your mind with the rest of your body at the same time? As a poet, I relate to sounds, rhythms, beats, tunes, melodies and the slightest motion-sounds made by ants, flakes or winds. When I read the Holy Qu’ran, I find myself confronted with a new hearing, new pronunciation, new sense, new taste and smell.”

His latest book will not be his last, but maybe his final prophecy as he continues actively along his chosen paths; business-man, manufacturer, family man and poet, still dreaming of a “Rainbow in Jerusalem skies” where Judaism, Christianity and Islam will fly their banners, together. That is his prophecy, and the book explains why it is now on ice. – Rosaleen Dickson, June 2, 1921 – January 23, 2018, author, critic and journalist, served on the board of the National Press Club as the National Secret

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